When suffering an eating disorder, my obsession with being 'perfect' was taking over my life.

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The ugly truth…

...behind eating disorders. No, eating disorders are NOT glamorous. In the media, the glamorization of eating disorders, weight loss and obsessions around being thin is not healthy. When imagining a person with an eating disorder, too often people create an image of a very delicate, thin being. You do not have to be thin to... Continue Reading →

Dora the Explorer takes Margate…

For a drawing project we met our tutor Leigh in Margate... A very enjoyable day where we explored our way around art galleries, work spaces, studios, walked around the town and sea front, finishing off in a cute little bar with a cider in hand.    

Pink pleases me.

A mini movie brief that was set, challenging us to explore a colour. In an hour we had to film as much as we could of our surroundings of a specific colour on our phones creating a short film. This was an interesting brief as i began to set my focus on nothing other than... Continue Reading →

Flipbook challenge

As part of a mini brief, we were asked to design a flip book that illustrated our concept. As my project involves a lot of spoken language, I decided to use typography. After spending some time planning my final piece interviews, i began to think about the questions. What questions can i ask to provoke... Continue Reading →

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